Orion’s existing assets ownership strategy looks for balanced risk adjusted opportunities generating both cash flow returns and capital appreciation. Within Orion’sownership strategy we primarily focus on urban infill value add or redevelopment opportunities.

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Office/Mixed Use Ownership

Orion invests in assets with significant opportunities for income enhancement. primarily through improvements in  occupancy and  rents. We predominantly look for assets in urban infill areas in metro markets/sub-markets experiencing significant job growth. Targeted assets can be office only or have a combination of office, light industrial and street frontage retail.   A secondary focus of our office strategy is Medical Office Buildings that are in proximity to major medical centers.

Residential Ownership

Our residential strategy is aligned to benefit from the migration of millennials and baby boomers toward the urban core. Shorter commute as well as more in-town social opportunities are making urban infill residential locations very desirable. Under our residential ownership strategy, we look for opportunities where we can either add value to an existing residential building or  adapt an existing building to a residential use.  Often times, residential use is a central component of our mixed use strategy.  We target three different residential asset types – Multifamily, Student Housing or Senior Housing.


Orion’ development strategy is an extension of our ownership strategy. It involves identifying opportunities within the urban core areas of fast growing metros. We especially target opportunities where in we can buy existing buildings where in the underlying land value exceeds the current property use. Our higher and better use strategy involves rezoning the existing property  that not only creates shareholder value but also enhances the value of the surrounding neighborhood. Orion’s primary focus involves targeting opportunistic urban infill residential developments within the Multifamily, Student Housing or Senior Housing space. 



Multifamily Opportunities

Specifically targeted toward millennial population by delivering superior quality housing at a reasonable price. Mixed use component in terms of street front retail/office as target properties are in urban infill locations allowing for a live, work, play concept.



Student Housing Opportunities

That are within walking distance from large universities. This is an extension of our Multifamily residential focus that is targeted toward Millennials. Focus on attractive amenities package.



Senior Housing Opportunities

As significant baby boomer population retires, they are looking for housing that fits into their criteria of leading an active and engaged lifestyle. Our urban infill strategy allows us to find opportunities where in we can develop Senior Housing projects catering to a more active senior population.